Certified V-Ray Instructors

With over 30 years of combined experience, our Certified V-Ray Trainers will give you the knowledge, along with hands-on work experience tips, you need to give you a boost in your career field or to kickstart you into the 3D universe. All of our trainers are certified in V-Ray for 3ds Max, one of which is also trained in V-Ray for SketchUp. In your V-Ray course, you will be trained by one of these individuals.
Jim Lammers

Jim Lammers - President & CEO of Trinity Animation, Inc./Certified V-Ray Trainer for 3ds Max and Sketchup

Jim always had an interest in art and technology, but focused on the tech side first. After earning a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri in 1987, Jim founded Trinity Animation in 1994. His interest in computers and art drove him to study and learn 3ds Max on his own prior to starting Trinity. During the 90’s, Jim created all manner of architectural, technical and forensic animation, worked on VFX scenes for the 1997 Sony/Tristar film “Starship Troopers,” and even helped with modeling a puppet head for the “Barney the Dinosaur” children’s show. Jim’s primary work at Trinity includes operations, new technologies, HR, IT, purchasing, marketing and sales. His career highlights include writing the best selling book series “Maya Fundamentals”, and earning the UMKC Engineering Alumnus of the Year in 2004. At home, Jim enjoys playing guitar, drums, the stereo, and family time.

Matt Tyree

Matt Tyree - Animator/Certified V-Ray Trainer for 3ds Max

Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburg. Joined Trinity in 2006. Chaos Group V-Ray for 3ds Max Certified Professional Trainer. Matt uses V-Ray, 3ds Max, Phoenix FD and Adobe products daily. 

Travys Keto

Travys Keto - Animator/Certified V-Ray Trainer for 3ds Max

Bachelors of Arts in Digital Art & Design from the University of Advancing Technology. Joined Trinity in 2014. Chaos Group V-Ray for 3ds Max Certified Professional Trainer.