V-Ray for Maya Courseware

Chaos Group's official coursewares are design for educators to help them create an applicable, customized curriculum of the highest quality. By providing proven, customizable resources, guidance, and assets the courseware can be adapted to every level of teaching V-Ray. 

The modular coursewares include lectures, lesson plans, handouts, demonstration tutorials, scenes and assets, and practice assignments specific to V-Ray for Maya. By utilizing our tools you can quickly organize plans for entire courses with over 40 hours of extensive training and practice. Everything is incredibly versatile and is designed to fit any teaching style.

Learning Cycles

The Maya Courseware covers a wide variety of topics and based on the concept of learning cycle. This concept is recognized and proven method of teaching adults. The concept splits lessons into three major cycles, and we provide educators with class materials for all three.

  1.  Lecture: This introduces the theory of the topic, and makes the connection between CG and the real world.

  2.  Demonstration: Topics discussed in the lecture are put into action by the educator.

  3.  Activity: Students gain vital hands-on experience by reproducing what they have seen, or doing additional assignments.

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