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V-Ray for Maya - Annual


Products included:А Workstation license includes 1 Graphic User Interface (GUI) and 1 V-Ray Render Node   License type:Monthly/Annual license. Billed every month/year. Includes access to all updates and future versions.   Support included:Free support

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V-Ray for Maya Rental

Rent V-Ray 5 for Maya to take advantage of V-Ray's incredible features and tools to satisfy your creative demands. Rent V-Ray for monthly or annually, so you only have to pay for Maya as long as you need it. V-Ray for Maya was built to meet the quality expected from both CG artists and modern production pipelines. V-Ray gives 3d artists and designers a complete suite of all of the tools you need for physically-based lighting, shading, and rendering. Focusing on artist productivity V-Ray delivers new more powerful features and improvements to take your projects to the next level.

What it’s used for:

  •      Automotive and product design

  •      Creating Photorealistic images and animations

  •      Industrial design

  •      Product Marketing

  •      Game cinematics

  •      Visual effects in film and television

  •      Virtual reality

Key Differentiators:

  •      Render quality: Highest quality photorealistic images using multi-resolution tiled textures

  •      Powerful CPU Rendering: Render superior images and animations fast with V-Ray’s highly-optimized and adaptive ray tracing technology.

  •      Speed:  Harnesses the power of both CPU and GPU to accelerate rendering speeds.

  •      Cross-industry adoption: V-Ray for Maya is used by architectural visualization studios, product designers and visual effects companies around the world to create photoreal imagery and animation

  •      Ease of use: V-Ray runs straight out of the box with just a few clicks.

  •      Full control: Three modes of GUI geared towards different types of users, from quick and easy set-up to full range of under the hood tweaks to personalize your experience.

  •      Versatile: An all in one solution suitable for many industries.

  •      Flexibility: A universal renderer. Almost every studio has a V-Ray integrated pipeline.

  •      Technical support and community: Free technical support and knowledge resources, that goes far beyond installations and set-up. Chaos Group is famous for its quick response times and large community user base.

New Features:

  •      Adaptive Lights: Fast new lighting algorithm that speeds up rendering in scenes with many lights.

  •       Alsurface Material: General purpose shader by Andres Langlands with layered SSS and Glossy Fresnel reflections - popular for skin

  •      V-Ray IPR: New in-process IPR starts instantly, updates faster and uses less memory. Changes to materials in the Hypershade Material Viewer are made in real time.

  •      Resumable Rendering: Stop your render at any point and continue where you left off.

  •      V-Ray Frame Buffering Tools: Speeds up look development on individual objects with the new Render Mask: Isolate select tool. Select objects, materials and camera focus directly in the frame buffer.


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