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V-Ray MODO Student/Teacher License


V-Ray for Modo Now Available. V-Ray for Modo allows users to quickly and easily create photorealistic images with full control over the production process. Student and teachers must provide proof of academic status.

Choose between the student or teacher licenses

Includes one Workstation license plus one render node license. Online licensing, One year term student license

Not for commercial use

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V-Ray MODO Academic Licenses - 1 Year Term

Students and teachers can now gain access to V-Ray 3.6 for MODO at a discounted price. Educators and students can utilized V-Ray for MODO's full range of tools to create and render everything from quick design models to your largest most detailed 3D scenes. V-Ray 3.6 for MODO flawlessly integrates itself into MODO’s native workflow adding production-proven rendering capabilities. Taking full advantage of the latest CPU and GPU computing technology V-Ray uses twin-engine rendering architecture to optimize rendering speeds.

What It’s For:

  • Architectural Visualization
  • Game Cinematics
  • Interior design
  • Product Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • Visual Effects in Film and Television

Key Differentiators:

  • Quality: Production-proven ray traced rendering with a full suite of tools to create professional photoreal imagery and animation.
  • Power: Built to handle the absolute toughest projects and biggest scenes.
  • Speed: Multicore CPU and GPU-accelerated rendering for optimized speed and scalability.
  • Creative control: Real-time look development with interactive lighting, shading and rendering.
  • Smart integration: Integrated seamlessly into MODO and designed to fit any production pipeline.
  • An industry standard: Top artists and designers rely on V-Ray every day to create award-winning designs & visual effects..

What’s New:

  • Adaptive Lights: Fast new lighting algorithm that speeds up rendering up to 7x faster in scenes with many lights.
  • Improved GPU rendering: Significant speed improvements, smarter memory management and support for more production features than ever before.
  • ALSurface material: General-purpose shader by Anders Langlands with layered SSS and glossy fresnel reflections — popular for skin.
  • Glossy Fresnel: New, physically-accurate reflection model.
  • Texture Isolate: Isolate selected textures directly on your model during interactive rendering for easier texture placement and fine-tuning of procedural textures like Dirt or Noise.
  • Render zoom & Enhance region: Zero in on any part of your image to fine-tune your renders quickly and easily.
  • Powerful  new VFB: Select Materials and items directly in the V-Ray Frame Buffer. Plus new camera controls let you change focus distance and F-Stop
  • Interactive lens effects: GPU-accelerated glare and bloom effects that can be enabled and adjusted while rendering.

 Major Features


Grass & Fur

render grass and fur faster with V-Ray Fur.

VRscans Support

Now compatible with a library of over 650 extremely realistic scanned materials

Full Light Select Render Element

Adjust and mix lighting accurately in post - with full support for GI, reflections and refractions

Cryptomatte render element

Automatically create ID mattes for easy selection in composting.

Twin-Engine Performance

V-Ray includes two powerful rendering engines. With CPU or GPU acceleration, you can use the best engine for your project and hardware.

Virtual Reality

Render VR-ready content for popular virtual reality headsets. Explore the virtual setting that you create.

Global Illumination

Choose from ray traced and hybrid GI methods for the best balance of quality and speed.

Accurate lights

Render accurate and artistic lighting with a wide range of light types, shapes and controls.

Unique shaders

For specialized materials, choose from a selection of purpose-built shaders for car paint, subsurface scattering, hair, skin and more.

Photoreal Cameras

Simulate any camera and lens with controls for exposure, depth of field and motion blur.


Automatically remove noise and cut render times by up to 50%.

Hair & Fur

Import Alembic hair and fur as proxy geometry and render using V-Ray’s optimized hair shader.

Virtual Reality

Use V-Ray 3.6 for Modo to explore the content you create with popular VR headsets.

Physical Materials

Create node-based physical materials with multiple layers, and add GGX highlights for great looking reflections.

Volume Rendering

Render optimized volumetric effects and import OpenVDB files from Realflow and Houdini.

Render Elements

 Output a complete set of beauty, utility and matte passes for total control in compositing – including deep compositing.

License is provided as a download, no dongle needed.


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