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V-Ray 3 for Softimage Educator License


V-Ray 3 for Softimage Now Available. The built-in rendering plugin for Autodesk® Softimage®, V-Ray provides support most standard geometric primitives and some basic shaders inside Softimage.

Includes one Workstation license plus one render node license. Online licensing, One year term teacher license.

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V-Ray 3 for Softimage Teacher License - 1 Year Term

The V-Ray 3 for Softimage Teacher License allows teachers to receive full access to V-Ray for Softimage's tools and features at a discounted price. V-Ray was built on a foundation that excels at rendering speed, stability, and quality. V-Ray for Softimage is the ultimate rendering solution for the VFX and animation industries. In Addition to V-Ray's industry standard level of performance, V-Ray for Softimage also includes ICE support, efficient Global Illumination, versatile shaders, and much more.


  • Support for image sequences (scene time source)

  • Support for Softimage 2015

  • Support for ICE vertex colors and weightmaps

  • Implemented “Color to Scalars” shader

  • Support for standard lights diffuse and specular options

  • Added VRaySetHelperFolderLocation custom SI command to customize the VRay1 folder location

  • Support for ICE user normals

  •  Support for floating point color values in Render Region

  •  Added the “Affect channels” options to VRayMtl for reflection

  • Support for texture maps with Extra Texture render element

  •  Add “UV coord” sampler type to VRaySamplerInfoTex

  •  Materials importer preserves the original materials names


V-Ray for Softimage supports the following and more!

Geometry Types:

  • Polygonal surfaces

  • NURBS surfaces are partially supported. These are tessellated internally by V-Ray and can be used with simple materials, but do not support procedural texturing, exporting to proxies, UVW texture mapping. We recommend that polygon meshes are used instead of NURBS surfaces wherever possible.

  • Subdivided surfaces

  • Point clouds - all particle render types are supported, except for blobs. Per-particle sprites are not supported. 

  • Instances

  • Softimage hair

  • Softimage particle strands

  • V-Ray proxy

  • Polygonizer surfaces (partial support)

All geometry types support motion blur.

Light Types:

  • Point light

  • Spot light

  • Disc light

  • Cylinder light

  • Infinite light


  • VRay Environment Fog

  • VRay Volume Fog

  • VRay Volume Scatter Fog

  • VRay Sphere Fade

  • VRay Toon

Bitmap File Types:

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • TGA

  • BMP

  • HDR

  • EXR

  • SGI

  • PIC

  • TIFF

V-Ray for Softimage also includes support for many materials and 2D and 3D textures, full list here.


Bump and normal mapping

V-Ray supports bump and normal mapping on the V-Ray Material through a dedicated bump port. This is the recommended approach, since it allows you to choose specific bump/normal types.

V-Ray supports bump mapping for individual built-in textures in the shader tree and "Bump" and "Bump Generator" textures connected to the root material's bump port.Normal mapping is supported through the V-Ray Material's dedicated port (recommended), but you can achieve normal mapping by connecting your normal maps directly to the root material's bump port. 

Note: normal maps connected directly to the root material will be treated as tangent space normal maps.

VRay Sun & Sky

The VRaySun and VRaySky are special features which are provided by the V-Ray renderer. Developed to work together, the VRaySun and VRaySky reproduce the real-life Sun and Sky environment of the Earth. Both are coded so that they change their appearance depending on the direction of the VRaySun.

The V-Ray Sun and Sky are based largely on the SIGGRAPH'99 paper "A Practical Analytic Model for Daylight" by A. J. Preetham, Peter Shirley, Brian Smits.

VRaySky can be added as an environmental pass shader.


V-Ray supports all animated geometry deformation types and most animated color parameters on ICE clouds and on individual objects.

Texture baking

V-Ray supports baking into textures, ptex and vertex colors.

For more information see V-Ray Render Map Property.


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