V-Ray | Basic Course
  • V-Ray | Basic Course

V-Ray | Basic


V-Ray | Basic Course

This course is an overview of how to use V-Ray for 3ds Max and is split up into 3 segments: Materials, Lighting, and Rendering. This Vray for beginners class is offered at our Lee's Summit, Missouri location from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm with a 30 minute break for lunch. Maximum student enrollment is 6. Minimum is 3. 

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Our V-Ray Training Course will allow you to get a jump start on creating realistic renderings using V-Ray and 3ds Max.

Our instructors have been using V-Ray for years and have an extensive knowledge base on both V-Ray and 3ds Max.  With real-world experience and a vast portfolio base, you can be sure you will get the most from our training.

Course Instructor: Travys Keto - Animator for Trinity Animation, Inc.

VRBT101 - V-Ray | Basic Course

In this course we will go over the very basics of V-Ray including the UI, Materials,
Lighting, and Rendering.  Each segment we will work in 3ds Max and V-Ray and
dive right into creating realistic scenes as well as working in premade scenes.


8:30AM - Intro to V-Ray

9:00AM - V-Ray Materials

10:00AM - V-Ray Lighting

11:00AM - Lunch

11:30AM - V-Ray Rendering

12:30PM - Q&A

V-Ray Basics leaves you with the knowledge to jumpstart you in your 3D rendering career.

Vray Training Course Overview

Intro to V-Ray:  This segment will introduce you to V-Ray and all of it's UI components. You will get a basic understanding of how V-Ray will work for the rest of the course and even onto more advanced courses.

V-Ray Materials:  Without materials, 3d scenes would just be flat and bland.  This segment will teach you how to make basic materials using images and textures maps, as well adjusting parameters to create various types of materials
such as metals, plastics, bricks, and more!

V-Ray Lighting:  In this segment, we will go over the lighting features that V-Ray has to offer.  Lighting is a very important aspect when it comes to creating realistic renderings and this segment will give you the knowledge to get started with V-Ray lights.

Lunch:  This is the part of the course where we take a break and injest nourisment to help our bodies stay strong and grow and give us energy!

V-Ray Rendering:  Once we get all the other stuff down, we will start the render our scenes.  This segment we'll discuss various settings and options we have for rendering out our images to create more realistic and clean shots right from V-Ray.

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