How to Shop | Chaos North America Partner

How to Shop | Chaos North America Partner

Vray.Us | Leading North American Chaos Partner aka Trinity Animation, Inc. is the North American software partner of Chaos, engineers of the revolutionary V-Ray rendering software. When navigating the website, you will find all of Chaos’ products including the popular V-Ray Collection, Chaos Vantage, SketchUp, Enscape and Chaos Cloud to name a few. is a comprehensive site with hundreds of different products and purchasing choices from licensing options to determine the length of your license, to maintenance plans which are used to determine your access to software updates. We are here to help you every step of the way with our user guide to shopping the store.  Read on below!


License Types

As you shop, you will find many license options. Commercial or EDU and Rentals, Monthly, Annual, Perpetual and 3-Year license terms are the most common you'll come across, particularly with the V-Ray plugins like V-Ray for Rhino and V-Ray for 3ds Max. Let's explore what these options mean in more depth.


This is the most common license option and is the choice for the majority of users. A commercial license offers access to the most popular software choices like V-Ray 5 for Maya, 3ds Max, and SketchUp. Commercial licenses can include perpetual, trial, annual, and monthly options. The alternative is EDU and/or trial licenses.  


Our educational options are heavily discounted licenses for academic use. Students and faculty at schools and universities are eligible for this license. We will require proof of enrollment before the license can be assigned. If you are not ordering with your .edu email address, we will need one of the following: Students: Current student ID If you do not have a current student ID, you can provide a valid photo ID and evidence of current enrolment, such as:

  • An academic document which indicates the name of educational institution and student
  • A tuition bill indicating the name of educational institution and student

Faculty: Current faculty ID If you do not have a current faculty ID, you can provide a valid photo ID and evidence of current enrolment, such as:

  • A document confirming your employment at the educational institution
  • An official letter verifying your employment
  • A screenshot of web page or web directory which proves your faculty status


Trial is a license to use the Product for the sole purpose to try it before starting to pay license fees. Trial versions of the Product available for Trial License usually contain all the functionality of the Advanced or Commercial regular version, but can only be used for a limited time. Upon Chaos' sole discretion, the Trial License version might be with reduced functionality, not allowing you to utilize it fully, it might be marked with appropriate water mark, or otherwise subject to limitations. In case of Trial License Type, special terms and conditions apply (please refer to Section 15 of the EULA), which in case of conflict with the other terms and conditions stipulated hereunder, will prevail to the extent of such conflict. During the duration of your trial, you can upgrade to a full license at any time. Try V-Ray for free here.  


License Options


A perpetual license gives you access to your software of choice, indefinitely. Your license does not expire. Perpetual licenses do not include upgrades or extended software support.


The annual renewal is the best choice for professional 3D designers. The annual license gives you access to all upgrades and software support from our professional support staff. The site also allows for recurring payments to keep your subscription hassle-free and running smoothly. 


The monthly license is the next step from the trial. Enjoy the full features of your V-Ray software on a month-to-month basis. The annual license renewal will carry a more significant discount than the monthly license.


The upgrade option allows you to upgrade from a previous perpetual version to the most current. For instance, upgrading from V-Ray Next (v4) to the most current version, V-Ray 5. You must have a valid software license for the upgrade.    Explore the shop here.

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