V-Ray 5 for Unreal - Annual License


V-Ray for Unreal is a plug-in for Unreal Engine that allows architects and designers to import V-Ray scenes from 3ds Max, Maya, and SketchUp directly into Unreal Engine to create immersive real-time experiences. It can automatically convert V-Ray lights and materials into reliable real-time equivalents that can also be edited through a familiar workflow. At the same time, connection to the original materials from V-Ray for 3ds Max, Maya and SketchUp is never lost, so they can be called up when users are ready to render photorealistic images.

V-Ray for Unreal packs the power to render high-quality lightmaps when converting ray-traced light to real-time illumination. With V-Ray Bake, users can achieve fast rendering times by making the most of their hardware, while also having flexibility in the setup, using convenient presets or customizing settings for maximum precision.

V-Ray for Unreal provides a unified workflow by giving users the ability to render photorealistic images and animations from inside Unreal. It can be used to render native Unreal scenes or third-party data that has been imported to Unreal Engine with Epic’s own Datasmith. Renders can also be post-processed in the new Frame Buffer without the need for other image editing apps.


Key Benefits to Users


Gateway to Unreal — Users can easily transfer work between applications in the V-Ray ecosystem and Unreal Engine. Geometry, lighting, and materials can be moved from other 3D creation tools such as 3ds Max, Maya, and Sketchup producing real-time equivalents users feel ownership of.

Real-time visualization — Users can import their V-Ray scenes in highly realistic real-time and create immersive experiences for their clients, making the most of Unreal’s real-time and VR capabilities.

Powerful light baking — High-quality lightmaps can be generated without prior expertise while advanced users can adjust precision controls to their preference. Users can slash rendering times by employing multiple GPUs, network, hybrid, or cloud rendering.

Familiar workflow — With V-Ray, users can shortcut the steep learning curve of Unreal Engine. They can transfer their skills and get up and running without learning new complex shading techniques.

Photoreal rendering — With V-Ray, designers, and artists can bring their concepts to the highest possible level of realism. Photoreal renders can easily be exported, helping creators communicate design intent effectively with stakeholders.

Tools beyond rendering — V-Ray 5 delivers new post-processing capabilities. Users can carry out compositing and color corrections. Settings can be saved and reused in further projects.

Scalable power — With cost-effective Render Nodes and Distributed Rendering, users can easily speed up their rendering times. Chaos Cloud integration allows for supercomputer-fast render times with an uninterrupted design process.



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