V-Ray for Rhino Free 30 day Evaluation

The V-Ray free 30 day evaluation gives you full access to the latest V-Ray for Rhino. Experience V-Ray's new user interface that was built from the ground-up with new features like quick render presets. The intuitive controls show that V-Ray Next for Rhino was built to be the fastest smartest render in Rhino. V-Ray for Rhino was also built to be faster, its twin-engine rendering  architecture utilizes the latest CPU or GPU hardware. The full suite of tools and features creates a versatile experience that lets you render anything and everything - from quick conceptual designs to your most detailed 3D renders.

What it's Used For:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Product Design
  • 3D Animation

Key Differentiators:

  • Easy to use: Easy to learn and easy to use, V-Ray works seamlessly with Rhino’s versatile 3D modeling tools.
  • Quality: V-Ray lets you render the highest quality images possible – right in Rhino.
  • Power: V-Ray gives you the power to render anything and everything – from quick concepts to your largest and most detailed 3D models.
  • Speed: Render fast, design faster. V-Ray for Rhino lets you spend more time being creative and less time waiting. 
  • Creative control: Focus on design, with a full set of creative tools for lights, materials and rendering.
  • The industry standard: Top designers rely on V-Ray every day to visualize world-class products, buildings and more

Online Licensing

With online licensing there is no wait to receive a physical dongle, and licenses can be activated in real-time once an order is processed. Online licensing is fast and secure, and your customers will be able to access their new software much faster – without the back and forth of WBC and RTU files.


Major Features

Twin-engine performance

V-Ray comes with two powerful rendering engines. With CPU or GPU acceleration, you can choose the fastest one for your hardware.

Interactive rendering

Render while you design. See results right away as you adjust lights, materials and cameras.

Global illumination

Render realistic rooms and interiors with V-Ray’s powerful and fast global illumination.

Accurate lights

Render natural and artificial lighting with a wide range of built-in light types.

Other Key Features

  • Environment lighting: Light your scenes with a single high-dynamic-range image (HDRI) of its environment.
  • Sun & sky: Render realistic daylight for any time and any location.
  • Real-world cameras: Work like a photographer with controls for exposure, white balance and depth of field.
  • Physical materials: Create great looking materials that look exactly like the real thing.
  • Detailed textures: Create detailed and unique materials using texture maps or one of V-Ray’s built-in procedural textures.
  • Proxy objects: Add highly detailed and complex objects like grass, trees, and cars with memory-efficient proxy models.
  • Render elements: Render separate layers for more artistic control in your image-editing software.
  • Frame buffer: Track your render history and fine-tune colors, exposure, and more directly in the V-Ray Frame Buffer.
  • Render nodes: Give V-Ray Swarm an added speed boost with cost-effective render node licenses. Render nodes are compatible across V-Ray 3.x applications.
  • V-Ray Scene export: Share complete, ready-to-render V-Ray Next for Rhino files with any V-Ray Next or higher application.

What's New:

New UI

Designer-friendly user interface for faster and easier workflows.

Material library

Select from over 500 drag and drop materials to speed up your next project.

V-Ray Swarm

Render with maximum power using V-Ray’s new simple and scalable distributed rendering.


Automatically remove noise and cut render times by up to 50%.

Virtual Reality

Render virtual reality content for popular VR headsets. 

Section cuts

Render quick cutaways and cross sections with V-Ray Clipper.

Aerial perspective

Add depth to your images with realistic atmospheric effects.


Grass & fur

Create realistic grass, fabrics and carpet with V-Ray Fur.

V-Ray Next is here!

Update Highlights

• The latest update introduces RTX support, Decals support, and a number of useful improvements for easier geometry and material management. V-Ray for Grasshopper also incorporates numerous tweaks to improve the workflow between Rhino and Grasshopper.

• Geometry Type icons added to the Asset Editors Geometry list. The icons identify the geometry type even if a custom name has been used.

• Light Type icons added to the Asset Editors Light list. These icons identify the light source type and enable or disable the light.

• Side-by-side stereo output layout implemented.

• Directionality parameter added to the Light Rectangle light source. This allows you to narrow the light and focus its direction.

• Object as Clipper allows you to clip with a custom geometry (NURBS or mesh).


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Mina Mijajlovic

Sep 15, 2020
Geometriske površi u arhitekturi i urbanizmu
Molim Vas ba da odobrite licencu.

May 30, 2019
rhino vray
alec avalos soto

Feb 25, 2019
estudio arquitectura
J Yuwei

Oct 21, 2018
Using the V-ray
Kent State University
Physical Address: 205 S Willow St Kent, OH 44240 United States

Oct 2, 2018
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