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AsuniCAD is a leading software company that specializes in creating innovative architectural and design solutions. Their product lineup includes VisualARQ and Lands Design, both of which offer a wide range of benefits to professionals in the architecture and landscape design industries.


VisualARQ is a powerful architectural software plug-in for Rhinoceros 3D, a popular 3D modeling tool. It is designed to enhance the architectural design process by providing a comprehensive set of tools and features tailored to the needs of architects and designers.

BIM (Building Information Modeling): VisualARQ enables architects to create and manage BIM models within Rhino. This means you can design, document, and analyze your architectural projects in a single environment, streamlining the workflow.

Parametric Design: The software offers parametric object creation, allowing users to design and modify complex architectural elements with ease. This helps in creating flexible and adaptable designs.

2D and 3D Documentation: VisualARQ simplifies the process of generating 2D and 3D documentation, making it easier to communicate design intent to clients and contractors.

Energy Analysis: It integrates energy analysis tools to evaluate the environmental performance of your designs, helping you make informed decisions to achieve sustainability goals.

Interoperability: VisualARQ supports the import and export of industry-standard file formats, ensuring compatibility with other design software and collaboration with different stakeholders.



Lands Design:

Lands Design is another powerful plug-in for Rhino that focuses on landscape design and urban planning. It provides a wide range of tools for creating stunning outdoor environments and landscapes.

Natural-Looking Landscapes: Lands Design simplifies the process of creating natural-looking landscapes, including terrain modeling, plant placement, and irrigation system design.

Plant Database: It offers a comprehensive plant database with thousands of species, helping designers select and incorporate appropriate vegetation into their projects.

Terrain Modeling: Lands Design allows users to model complex terrains, including contour lines, slopes, and grading, to accurately represent the outdoor environment.

Irrigation Design: The software includes tools for designing efficient irrigation systems, and ensuring the health and sustainability of planted areas.

Visualization and Rendering: Lands Design makes it easy to visualize your landscape designs in 3D and create stunning renderings, helping clients and stakeholders better understand the project.

Cost Estimation: It provides tools for estimating project costs, which is crucial for budget planning and project management.

AsuniCAD's products, including VisualARQ and Lands Design, are essential tools for architects and landscape designers seeking to streamline their workflows, improve design accuracy, and create visually impressive projects. These software solutions offer a range of features that enhance BIM capabilities, simplify design processes, and facilitate collaboration within the architecture and landscape design industries.

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