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Chaos Player

Discover the power of Chaos Player, the ultimate professional image sequence player designed for artists, animators, and video professionals who demand speed, power, and control in their digital review workflows. Whether you're looking to fast-forward your project reviews or enhance your creative outputs, Chaos Player is engineered to deliver seamless, high-resolution playback of image sequences with unmatched efficiency and precision.


Fast, Smooth Playback

Experience lightning-fast playback with Chaos Player’s smart caching technology, which ensures that newly rendered and updated frames load instantly. Designed for handling high-resolution image sequences, Chaos Player offers smooth and uninterrupted viewing, making it an essential tool for time-sensitive and detail-oriented projects.

Real-Time Editing and Compositing

With Chaos Player, you don't just play back sequences; you can also engage in real-time compositing, color grading, and editing without pausing the playback. This real-time capability allows you to make immediate adjustments and see the results on the fly, providing a dynamic and flexible editing environment.

Collaboration and Broadcasting

Enhance your team’s collaboration, regardless of location, with intuitive markup and annotation tools that make remote work effortless. Broadcast your creative content and collaborate in real time, ensuring that every team member is synced and informed throughout the creative process.

Professional Quality and Versatility

Chaos Player supports all industry-standard formats and works seamlessly in high dynamic range (HDR) environments, guaranteeing professional-quality output for every project. From exporting your final edits in MP4 format to integrating seamlessly into existing pipelines with command line support, Chaos Player is designed to fit into and enhance your professional workflow.

Advanced Features for Advanced Needs

Layer multiple sequences for simultaneous playback, compare different versions of a shot with the A/B Wipe Compare feature, and manage large projects more effectively with visual contact sheets. Each feature of Chaos Player is designed to improve your efficiency and provide the flexibility needed to unleash creative potential.


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