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Connecter Server - Monthly

Connecter Server - Monthly

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Connecter Server provides dependable metadata management and efficient synchronization of digital assets, enabling easy content discovery for local or geographically dispersed team members across workspaces hosted on Connecter Server platform, on-premises, or on public/private cloud services.

The Connecter Server includes a web-based "Team portal" for teams and member management, complete with detailed access control settings, usage statistics, and other helpful features.

With Connecter Server, you can rest assured that your digital assets are well-organized and easily accessible, regardless of your team's location or the location of your assets.


Collaborate, Share, and Receive Feedback!

Do you find it frustrating to switch between applications just to review and annotate assets? We understand your pain. With Connecter, you can easily view and comment on assets without interrupting your workflow. The Feedback feature is seamlessly integrated with the Version Control system to streamline your production tracking. Although it is a powerful and sophisticated tool, it requires no setup - simply select an asset, click Feedback, and start commenting and drawing. Connecter simplifies collaboration and enables you to work efficiently and effectively.


A Visual Representation for Every Asset!

Connecter's Feedback tool is versatile and can be used on every asset, regardless of whether it has a visual representation in the software. If your asset archive is full and you want to add comments or provide a visual context, you can attach an image and annotate it with the available markup tools. With Connecter, you have endless possibilities to visualize your ideas and collaborate seamlessly with your team.


Farewell to "v13_final_final"!

With Connecter, you can take full charge of your asset's content while ensuring that your entire team stays in sync with its status. Connecter securely stores each version in your preferred cloud solution or local server and manages versioning, giving you the flexibility to review, roll back, and create variations. This way, everyone remains up-to-date on the status of their local content, while also providing vital visual information that artists need. Connecter empowers you to maintain control of your assets, simplifying collaboration and enhancing your team's productivity.


Boost Your Productivity with Workflows!

Introducing Workflows - a flexible organizational feature that enables you to transfer your project's pipelines directly into Connecter. This eliminates the need to switch between project management solutions, as statuses and comments are kept where your assets are located. Your team will appreciate the streamlined process and increased efficiency that comes with Workflows. Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming task switching and hello to heightened productivity with Connecter's Workflows.

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