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Unlocking Architectural Creativity with VisualARQ: A Flexible BIM Solution for Rhino

Unlocking Architectural Creativity with VisualARQ: A Flexible BIM Solution for Rhino


Architects and designers often seek software tools that not only streamline their workflow but also provide creative freedom to bring their architectural visions to life. VisualARQ is one such innovative solution that empowers Rhino, a popular 3D modeling software, by integrating powerful architectural features and dynamic documentation tools. In this blog post, we will explore VisualARQ's unique features, compatibility, and how it can revolutionize architectural design.


VisualARQ Compatibility

VisualARQ is a versatile architectural design software compatible with Rhino 5, Rhino 6, and Rhino 7. Its adaptability ensures that you can seamlessly integrate it into your existing Rhino-based workflow, making it a valuable addition for both beginners and experienced users. But VisualARQ's compatibility doesn't stop at Rhino; it can also run inside Revit, offering architects a bridge between different design environments.


Unique Features

Vector Output: VisualARQ provides vector output capabilities, ensuring that your architectural designs can be easily scaled and printed without compromising on quality. This feature is particularly important when it comes to producing precise and professional documentation.

Custom Parameters: Customization is at the core of VisualARQ's features. It allows architects to define custom parameters for objects, enabling you to adapt the software to your specific project requirements. This flexibility is invaluable when working on unique architectural designs.

Best IFC Solution for Rhino: VisualARQ boasts the best IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) solution for Rhino. It includes a built-in IFC import and export plug-in, facilitating the exchange of IFC 2×3 files between Rhino and other AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) software packages. This feature enhances interoperability and collaboration between different project stakeholders.


Freeform Modeling Powered by Rhino

One of VisualARQ's most intriguing features is its ability to convert freeform geometry into informed architectural objects. By harnessing the power of Rhino, architects can breathe life into their design concepts. Freeform modeling, when coupled with VisualARQ, offers limitless possibilities for creative expression and exploration. This not only saves time but also ensures that your design remains faithful to your vision.


Design Automation with Grasshopper Visual Programming

For architects looking to automate design tasks and create custom parametric objects, VisualARQ collaborates seamlessly with Grasshopper Visual Programming. This integration allows you to harness the potential of algorithmic design, giving you control over intricate details and enabling you to experiment with design variations effortlessly.


Powerful Documentation Tools

VisualARQ doesn't just focus on design; it's equally committed to making documentation easier and more efficient. It provides dynamic and precise documentation tools, all of which are readily available from the 3D model itself. This means that as your design evolves, your documentation stays up to date, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the project.



VisualARQ is a game-changer in the world of architectural design software. It takes the robust 3D modeling capabilities of Rhino and supercharges them with architecture-specific tools, enabling architects to create stunning designs with precision and flexibility. Whether you are working on freeform designs, automating tasks with Grasshopper, or producing precise documentation, VisualARQ is your trusted partner in the architectural journey.

With VisualARQ, architectural creativity knows no bounds. So why not explore its powerful features and take your architectural designs to the next level? Whether you are a seasoned architect or just starting your career, VisualARQ has something to offer, making it a must-have in your toolkit. Start your architectural journey with VisualARQ and witness the transformation of your creative ideas into architectural marvels.

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