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VisualARQ3 Beta: Level Up Your BIM Workflow with Revolutionary Features

VisualARQ3 Beta: Level Up Your BIM Workflow with Revolutionary Features


Architects and designers, rejoice! The highly anticipated VisualARQ3 Beta is finally here, and it's packed with groundbreaking features that will dramatically enhance your BIM workflow and unleash your design potential. Functional with Rhino 8, test out the features of this Beta and get a license of VisualARQ today!


Visualarq 3 beta for rhino 8


Explore New Features:

  • Unprecedented Level Control: Link objects to levels, manage buildings with boundaries, isolate levels, and create sub-levels for ultimate organizational precision.


  • Refined Ceiling Views: Generate real-time reflected ceiling plans and insert 2D plans that dynamically update with your model.


  • Powerful Table Reporting: Access real-time quantity take-offs, filter objects, edit properties directly within tables, and export your data seamlessly.


  • Intuitive Guides: Maintain accuracy with new guides that snap to elements, adapt to changes, and offer advanced options like grids and curves.


  • Dynamic Wall & Curtain Wall Creation: Craft walls and curtain walls from Grasshopper definitions, insert openings, and enjoy full control over profiles and joints.


  • Enriched Door & Window Functionality: Add doors and windows to slabs and roofs, utilize slanted openings, and customize handles for realistic detailing.


  • Comprehensive Clashes Report: Identify and visualize collisions between objects, filter results, and export for further analysis.


  • Streamlined IFC Workflow: Import and export IFC 4 files, enjoy faster processing, and maintain NURBS geometry quality.


  • Enhanced Grasshopper Integration: Create parametric wall and curtain wall styles, define boundary curves for slabs and roofs, and leverage read-only output parameters.


  • Export Layouts to DWG: (In-progress) Share your design intent directly with collaborators through DWG exports.


VisualARQ 3 Beta - Flexible BIM for Rhino 8


And much more! Dive into an expanded library of VisualARQ objects, new hatch patterns, and a host of other improvements.

Ready to take your BIM game to the next level? Download the VisualARQ3 Beta today!

But wait, there's more! If you own a VisualARQ2 license, you're eligible for a free upgrade to VisualARQ3 when it officially launches. Don't miss this opportunity to future-proof your design process and unlock the full potential of BIM.

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