PhoenixFD for 3ds Max Tutorials

Phoenix FD 3 for 3ds Max is now available. View these tutorials to experience Phoenix FD for 3ds Max' advanced features. Phoenix FD has been given a full makeover, with new intuitive controls, presets and GPU-accelerated previews. The new FLIP liquid solver and improved smoke and fire solver makes Phoenix FD more powerful and able to bring more realism to visual effects projects. Browse our selection of free Phoenix FD tutorials below.

Online PhoenixFD Licencing available. 

Variable Viscosity


Quick Start: Gasoline


Quick Start: Emit Mode Type


Quick Start: Solid and Non-Solid


Fast Volume Rendering

Quick Presets

Quick Start: Basic Liquids

Improved Fire and Smoke Solver

River Simulation

New Forces in 3.0

FLIP Solver

Accurate Viewport Preview

Nuclear Blast Simulation

Beach Waves

Smoke Simulation

Submarine Surfacing

Beer Simulation

Splash Simulation


Water Simulation

Fluid Dynamics-Mixing

Smoke Simulation in Solid Mode

Smoke Start

Smoke Interaction

Rocket Launch

Simulation Liquid Fuel to Flames

Liquid Paint Simulation

Liquid/Chocolate Simulation


PhoenixFD for 3ds Max Tutorials

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