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How to Shop

How to Shop

on aka Trinity3D is an all-in-one software partner for the world's top 3D and animation brands. Instead of purchasing from many different developers and managing all your licenses and renewals across several different websites and many distinct portals, gives you the ability to control your licensing all in one place, with a small, dependable team of expert, software support specialists at your service when you need it through live chat, email and over the phone! is based out of Overland Park, KS, a suburb of Kansas City right in the middle of the United States. Since 1994, we've been providing exceptional service to our customers while keeping their interests at the heart of everything we do. There's a reason our mantra is Customer First, Service-Focused, Always Here. It's the promise we live by and deliver consistently when you work with us. 


Have a Question? Contact us through the blue Live Chat button at the bottom of your screen or call us at (816) 525-0103.


How to Shop


To shop our site, you need only the desire to want to learn animation or 3D modeling. We have a variety of tools and options available to you. If you already know what you are looking for, you can click the 'Store' tab to see our popular collections, or click 'All Software' to see everything we offer. To access a free trial, click the 'Free Trials' link under the Store tab. 



The 'V-Ray' tab holds information on the V-Ray integrations and how to acquire a license. Interested in V-Ray for SketchUp or V-Ray for 3ds Max? This is the place to start. Also included under the 'V-Ray' tab is our comprehensive guide on how to choose the V-Ray license that works best for you titled Need V-Ray? Start Here. 



Under the 'Community' tab, you'll find our blog containing information on new software updates, helpful guides and tutorials and a variety of other content geared toward the products available on our site. 



The 'Training' tab shows you the tutorials that our in-house animation team put together to help you get started with our most popular software like V-Ray and Enscape. You can also explore 'Custom Training' options if you would like to take advantage of our on-on-one class formats taught by V-Ray Mentor and our Company CEO, Jim Lammers. 



Looking for an Educational license for a student or a teacher? This tab is for you. Most of our software partners offer educational licenses at a fraction of the cost. You must be a current student or educator to take advantage of this license option. 




Exclusive to, bundle V-Ray or Enscape with popular compatible applications like SketchUp, 3ds Max, Rhino and more. Save 5% off the total bundle price - savings exclusive to 


Software Support

Misty Wayne and Brian Long, our dedicated support specialists at, are here to help you. No need to wait for days for a response from developer support, we are available via website live chat, email and by phone at (816) 525-0103 when you need it. When you purchase a license from us, you get our full support services throughout the life of your license. 

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