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Introducing Chaos Vantage 2, Update 3: A Leap Forward in Real-Time Rendering

Introducing Chaos Vantage 2, Update 3: A Leap Forward in Real-Time Rendering


Chaos Vantage, the groundbreaking tool known for transforming 3D scenes into real-time experiences without the need for complex setups or powerful hardware, has just launched its latest version - Vantage 2, Update 3 (v2.3.0). Officially released on March 27, 2024, this update brings a slew of enhancements, new features, and fixes that promise to elevate your rendering game to the next level.


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What's New in Chaos Vantage 2.3.0?

Enhanced Materials and Rendering

  • V-Ray Blend Material Support: The update introduces support for the V-Ray Blend Material (BRDFLayered), enabling more complex and visually appealing material compositions directly within your real-time visualizations.
  • Multi Matte Render Element: Expanding its render element support, Vantage now includes Multi Matte, offering greater post-production flexibility and control over your render outputs.

UI/UX Improvements for a Smoother Workflow

  • Viewport Toggle Filter for Light Gizmos: Easily manage your scene’s lighting setup with the new viewport toggle, enhancing scene navigation and lighting adjustments.
  • Improved Desktop Responsiveness: A new option has been added to boost desktop responsiveness during rendering, ensuring a smoother workflow without compromising on performance.
  • Enhanced Object Management: Renaming objects created in Vantage (such as Fur, Scatter, Lights, Multi Matte) is now more intuitive, with options available through a context menu or a simple double-click on the object name.
  • Live Link Enhancements: The status bar now displays information about the host application used for Live Link, streamlining the collaboration between Vantage and other design tools.

Output Upgrades

  • AV1 Codec for Video Encoding: The introduction of the AV1 codec, enabled by default on supported GPUs, offers a more efficient way to encode video, balancing quality and file size effectively.

Performance and Quality Improvements

  • Displacement Optimization: Memory usage for displacement has been optimized by varying the tessellation level within a mesh, leading to more efficient rendering of detailed surfaces.
  • Denoiser and Light Cache Enhancements: The update includes an improved version of the Intel Open Image Denoise and tweaks to the Light Cache, enhancing the overall quality and realism of renders.
  • UI/UX and Chaos Cosmos Browser: Responsiveness has been significantly enhanced, making for a smoother user experience.

Critical Fixes for a Robust Experience

The update also addresses a range of issues identified in previous versions, including but not limited to:

  • Fixes in displacement rendering, scene states, and Live Link updates.
  • Adjustments to lighting calculations, particularly in situations with direct light reservoir resampling.
  • UI/UX tweaks to improve the stability and usability of various interfaces within the software.
  • Denoiser improvements to eliminate artifacts and ensure consistent quality across multi-GPU setups.



Chaos Vantage 2, Update 3, is available for download now, inviting artists, designers, and visualization professionals to explore its new capabilities. Whether you're looking to create immersive real-time experiences, refine your materials and lighting, or simply boost your productivity with enhanced UI/UX features, Vantage 2.3.0 is designed to push the boundaries of what's possible in real-time rendering.

Dive into the future of visualization with Chaos Vantage 2, Update 3 – where speed, quality, and realism meet to transform your creative visions into tangible experiences.

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