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Enhance Your Creativity with Chaos Phoenix 5, Update 2

Enhance Your Creativity with Chaos Phoenix 5, Update 2


Chaos Phoenix 5, update 2, has arrived, bringing exciting new features and enhancements to Autodesk 3ds Max 2024 and Maya 2024. With improved performance, enhanced user interface, and a range of innovative tools, artists can now take their simulations to the next level. Let's dive into the new capabilities and explore how Chaos Phoenix empowers artists to unleash their creativity.


Enhanced Performance

Get the Job Done Faster

With this update, Chaos Phoenix 5.10 simulations have received a significant speed boost. Faster liquids, particle textures, previews, and cache generation contribute to simulations that are now up to 20% faster. Artists can now save valuable time and explore new possibilities with increased creative control. Consider it rocket fuel for your simulations.


Enhanced User Interface [3ds Max]

Streamlining the Workflow

Chaos Phoenix 5, update 2 introduces a quicker and more customizable Floating User Interface for Simulation, Rendering, Preview, Scene Interaction, and Input rollouts in 3ds Max. Additionally, artists can benefit from a new floating window, allowing them to dock and arrange Phoenix Simulator rollouts as desired. These interface enhancements streamline the workflow, enabling artists to work efficiently and focus on their creative vision.



Command Fluid Emission Like Never Before

The new Directed Velocity option within Phoenix Sources offers artists effortless control over fluid emission. Now, creating velocities in specific directions or leveraging the power of texture maps to influence them is a breeze. Artists can explore new possibilities and achieve stunning visual effects with enhanced control over fluid dynamics.


Enhanced Ocean

Realistic Results Made Easy

Save precious setup time and achieve realistic ocean rendering faster with Chaos Phoenix 5, update 2. The update adds support for adaptive grid expansion in ocean scenes, eliminating the need for manual tweaks. The adaptive grid can now expand vertically, enhancing the realism of ocean simulations. Artists can now effortlessly create breathtaking oceanic environments with ease.


Fine Control over Active Bodies

Realistic Watercraft Animations

For artists aiming to create realistic watercraft animations, Chaos Phoenix provides fine control over Active Bodies. The update introduces the ability to lock the rotation of an Active Body clone object to the original object, allowing boats to lean while turning. With this added control, artists can achieve greater realism and bring their water simulations to life.


Simulation Speed Rollout

Optimize Your Simulations

The new Simulation Speed rollout is a valuable tool for optimizing simulations. Gain insights into the most time-consuming aspects of your simulation and receive useful tips on how to speed them up. With this feature, artists can achieve efficient workflows and maximize their productivity.


Improved V-Ray CPU IPR Support [Maya]

Streamline Your Workflow

With improved support for V-Ray CPU's Interactive Production Rendering, Chaos Phoenix 5, update 2, offers instant feedback and fine-tuning options for simulations in Maya. Artists can now explore different looks and make adjustments on the fly, saving time and allowing for a more fluid creative process.


TexUVW Isosurface Support [Maya]

Unlock Advanced Render-Time Effects

Transport texture coordinates along fluids during simulation and utilize them with the Isosurface render mode to create advanced render-time effects. This feature opens up new creative possibilities, allowing artists to achieve stunning and unique visual effects seamlessly.


Streamlined Preset Creation

Simplify Your Workflow

Chaos Phoenix 5, update 2, introduces streamlined preset creation, even without a selected object. If no object is chosen, a sphere is automatically created and used as an emitter for the simulation. This enhancement simplifies the workflow, making it easier for artists to quickly set up simulations and dive into their creative work.


Deadline Simulation Submissions

Preview and Progress

Artists can now preview their simulations immediately after running simscenes through AWS Thinkbox Deadline. The Phoenix Standalone Previewer generates images from the cache sequence, freeing up more creative time. Additionally, artists can track the progress of their simulations, ensuring they have full control and the ability to refine their work.



Chaos Phoenix 5, update 2, is a game-changer for artists working with Autodesk 3ds Max 2024 and Maya 2024. With enhanced performance, a more intuitive user interface, and a range of innovative features, Chaos Phoenix empowers artists to push the boundaries of their creativity. Whether it's creating realistic water simulations, breathtaking ocean scenes, or advanced render-time effects, Chaos Phoenix offers the tools and speed necessary to bring artistic visions to life. Upgrade to Chaos Phoenix 5, update 2, and unlock a world of possibilities in your simulations.

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