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Enscape 3.5 - Unleashing the Power of Visualization Assets

Enscape 3.5 - Unleashing the Power of Visualization Assets


Visualization assets play a crucial role in the design process, breathing life and context into projects. With the latest release of Enscape, version 3.5, a host of new features has been introduced, revolutionizing the way assets are utilized. Among the highlights are the Adjustable Asset series, multi-asset editing capabilities, an updated alpha channel export, enhanced rendering capabilities, a plethora of unique assets, and a range of additional improvements.

Introducing Adjustable Assets with Variant Options

Enscape 3.5 introduces the highly anticipated Adjustable Asset series, a collection of assets with modifiable functions, offering unparalleled flexibility during the creative process. By utilizing the adjustable tag, users can easily filter and discover assets with this unique functionality. Each asset within the series has multiple variants, allowing designers to choose the most suitable option for their scene. Marking variants as favorites enables seamless multi-asset placement, providing designers with a diverse range of choices for creating compelling narratives.

Customizable Assets for Enhanced Aesthetics

With the adjustable tag in place, Enscape also enables users to modify the color or material of assets using a dedicated customization panel. This groundbreaking feature empowers designers to curate the perfect aesthetic for their project presentations. Gone are the days of scouring the internet for the right assets—Enscape 3.5 saves valuable time by offering customizable assets within its extensive asset library.

Efficiency Boost with Multi-Asset Editing

Enscape 3.5 streamlines the editing process by introducing the game-changing Multi-Asset Editing feature. Designers can now modify entire groups of assets simultaneously, significantly reducing repetitive editing work. Whether selecting, de-selecting, replacing, or deleting assets, this functionality empowers designers to effortlessly fine-tune their scenes, leading to a more efficient workflow.

Unleash Creativity with Unique People Assets

Building upon the success of the recently launched asset collection, Enscape 3.5 expands the range of unique assets to over 90, all exclusive to Enscape. This broad selection of people assets injects life into presentations, showcasing the function and emotion of a space with the perfect entourage. Designers can effortlessly fill their scenes with a variety of unique assets, elevating the visual impact of their projects.

Enhanced Alpha Channel Export for Seamless Compositing

Enscape's Alpha Channel export feature receives a significant update in version 3.5, allowing for improved compositing of semi-transparent materials against different backgrounds. This enhancement reduces the time spent on post-production, enabling designers to effortlessly create realistic renderings with ease.

Unparalleled Realism with Improved Lighting and Reflection

Enscape 3.5 takes design scenes to new heights of realism with improved lighting and reflection capabilities. Indirect lighting in interiors benefits from enhanced accuracy, while mirror reflections achieve a more authentic depiction of shading. This upgrade is made possible for users with a GPU featuring hardware-accelerated ray-tracing support, delivering unparalleled depth and authenticity to interior scenes.

Additional Features and Enhancements

Enscape 3.5 includes a range of additional features and enhancements to further streamline the design process. Rhino users will appreciate the improved workflow that automatically places asset geometry on the current layer. The introduction of a User Area in the Toolbar provides easy access to the Enscape User Account. Furthermore, Enscape 3.5 brings certified SpaceMouse support, extends compatibility to Revit 2024, and introduces an orthographic views update for Revit users.

Enscape 3.5 - Unleashing the Power of Visualization Assets

With its innovative Adjustable Asset series, customizable functionalities, multi-asset editing capabilities, expanded unique asset collection, enhanced compositing, and improved lighting and reflection features, Enscape 3.5 is a game-changing update to already impressive software.

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