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Introducing Orca3D Version 3 for Rhino 7: A Leap Forward in Marine Design and Analysis

Introducing Orca3D Version 3 for Rhino 7: A Leap Forward in Marine Design and Analysis


In the ever-evolving landscape of marine design and analysis software, Orca3D has consistently remained at the forefront, providing cutting-edge tools to naval architects and engineers. The latest offering from Orca3D, Version 3 Work-in-Progress, is no exception. With a focus on advanced stability analysis and a plethora of new features, this version is set to revolutionize the way marine professionals approach their projects.


Unveiling the Advanced Stability Module

At the heart of Orca3D Version 3 lies the all-new Advanced Stability Module. This powerful addition opens up a realm of possibilities for users seeking to push the boundaries of stability analysis. Here's a glimpse of what this module brings to the table:

Define Compartments and Tanks: Orca3D Version 3 lets you define compartments and tanks with precision. This level of detail empowers designers to create accurate simulations that reflect real-world conditions.

Permeability, Fluid Types, and Loads: The software allows you to set permeability, fluid types, and loads for each compartment and tank. This level of customization ensures that simulations are tailored to the specific characteristics of the vessel.

Multiple Load Cases: Version 3 lets you create and run multiple load cases, giving you the flexibility to explore various scenarios and optimize your designs accordingly.

Intact and Damage Stability Analyses: With Version 3, you can perform both intact and damage stability analyses, providing a comprehensive view of the vessel's behavior under different conditions.

Marine CFD Wake Survey Simulations: The inclusion of wake survey simulations, coupled with harmonic analysis of the results, adds a new dimension to understanding a vessel's performance in varying hydrodynamic conditions.


A Host of Additional Enhancements

Beyond the Advanced Stability Module, Orca3D Version 3 comes loaded with an array of enhancements across multiple domains:

Hull Design and Fairing: Expect refinements that make hull design and fairing smoother and more intuitive than ever before.

Hydrostatics and Stability: Building upon the new module's capabilities, hydrostatics and stability analysis receive a boost, enabling engineers to make informed decisions with confidence.

Speed/Power Prediction: The predictive capabilities of Version 3 are elevated, aiding in estimating a vessel's speed and power requirements accurately.

Weight/Cost Tracking: Keeping track of weight and cost parameters is now more efficient, facilitating better project management.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): CFD capabilities have also been enhanced, contributing to a more comprehensive analysis of a vessel's performance.


Join Us at Upcoming Conferences

Orca3D is excited to showcase Version 3 at various conferences around the globe. This provides an excellent opportunity for marine enthusiasts to get hands-on experience and learn more about the software's capabilities:

  • SNAME 2023, San Diego, CA, September 27-29
  • Baltexpo 2023, Gdansk, Poland, September 10-12
  • IBEX 2023, Tampa, Florida, October 3-5
  • Rhino World, Barcelona, Spain, October 18-20
  • Europort 2023, Rotterdam, Netherlands, November 6-9
  • Euromaritima 2024, Marseille, France, Jan 30 - Feb 1
  • Navalia2024, Vigo, Spain, May 21-23


In conclusion, Orca3D Version 3 Work-in-Progress emerges as a game-changer in the marine design and analysis realm. With its Advanced Stability Module and an impressive lineup of enhancements, it empowers engineers and naval architects to create vessels that not only sail the waters but also conquer the challenges posed by complex hydrodynamic scenarios. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this transformative journey – dive into Version 3 today!

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