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RhinoARQ (VisualARQ + Rhino) - Educational

RhinoARQ (VisualARQ + Rhino) - Educational

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Products Included:

VisualARQ - Student License

Rhino - Student License


Visual ARQ - Architectural Innovation Redefined:

Visual ARQ is the go-to plugin for Rhino 7, designed to elevate your architectural design process. Whether you're an architect, designer, or a creative visionary, Visual ARQ empowers you with a suite of groundbreaking tools:

Intuitive BIM Modeling: Streamline your architectural design workflow with easy-to-use BIM tools. Visual ARQ makes it a breeze to create, edit, and visualize complex architectural elements in both 2D and 3D.

Parametric Design: Dive into the world of parametric design and discover limitless possibilities. Visual ARQ enables you to create adaptable and customizable architectural components, all while maintaining precise control over your projects.

Smart Object Styles: Boost your productivity with smart object styles that automatically apply predefined parameters to your design elements, ensuring consistency and efficiency throughout your projects.

Dynamic Documentation: Generate detailed 2D drawings, floor plans, sections, and elevations directly from your 3D models. With Visual ARQ, your architectural documentation is always up-to-date, saving you time and eliminating errors.

Seamless Integration: Visual ARQ seamlessly integrates with Rhino 7, creating a harmonious environment for your architectural and 3D modeling needs. Work effortlessly with your preferred design software while enjoying an expanded toolbox for architectural excellence.


Rhino 7 - The Ultimate 3D Modeling Powerhouse:

Rhino 7 is the gold standard for 3D modeling and design. With its powerful features and versatile capabilities, it's the ideal companion for Visual ARQ. Here's why Rhino 7 is a game-changer:

Unrivaled Modeling Tools: Rhino 7 offers a comprehensive set of modeling tools, enabling you to create complex 3D forms with precision and ease.

Flexible and Versatile: From industrial design to architectural modeling and beyond, Rhino 7 adapts to your needs, making it the go-to choice for creatives in various industries.

Realistic Rendering: Visualize your designs in stunning detail with Rhino 7's realistic rendering capabilities. Bring your ideas to life and impress clients with lifelike visualizations.

Compatibility: Rhino 7 supports various file formats, ensuring seamless collaboration with other design software and teams.

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