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Rise above the competition and bring your 3D work to the next level with Chaos Cosmos. With thousands of assets to choose from, Chaos Cosmos can help your project stand out from the crowd. Rendering an interior space? Pick from hundreds of render-ready furniture and decorations to add to your scene. Building a cityscape? Select from over four hundred vehicles and posed people to bring your bustling city to life. Need help painting your environment? Chaos Cosmos has over a thousand materials and textures ready to drag and drop onto any model in your project. From bricks and concrete to paper and plastic, Chaos Cosmos has every material you need. Need to picture a park at sunset? Chaos Cosmos has you covered with over a hundred different HDRIs to give you the perfect sky, as well as over a hundred different trees to plant into your scene.

Unlike other stock model libraries, Chaos Cosmos is curated just for you. Everything in their library is professionally made by multiple high-end companies like CGAxis, xfrog inc., and of course Trinity Animation! Every model and asset in Cosmos was individually inspected and selected by the Chaos team, giving you peace of mind knowing you have the best of the best at your disposal. With Chaos Cosmos, you will be able to create stunning, real-life images and animations. Not finding what you’re looking for? You can always request assets right from Chaos themselves. They are continuously adding more assets and categories to Cosmos so you can have the latest and greatest models and environments for your projects.

Chaos offers a 30-day free trial so you can use and experiment with their entire library of models, materials, and environments to bring your idea to life today! Using their assets is as easy as dragging and dropping them into your scene. Plus, all of their assets are render-ready with their V-Ray render engines. You can try out both Chaos Cosmos and V-Ray with their free trial along with some of their other products such as Phoenix Simulations and Chaos Vantage Real-Time Ray-Tracing. You can find out more information on these great products at

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